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Clinic Dr. Bita

Welcome to Clinic Dr. Bita. Our unique approach to managing your health is called the "mindfulness factor". The mindfulness factor is a multidisciplinary approach of health management, where health is defined as a total absence of physical or mental infirmity.

Typically, clinics will offer one specialized therapist for your overall needs; we offer a team of therapists for your individual needs, including Toronto psychologists, osteopaths, psychiatrists, chiropractors, art therapists, physicians, acupuncturists, and much more.

At Clinic Dr. Bita, we realize that a one-size-fits-all program never yields the right results, despite its cost-effectiveness. Yet, this is the Modus Operandi of a majority of clinics. Managing your health is not a business; it is a privilege.

Contact us to find out which therapists are right for you.

"Manage your health, take control of your life, become mindful, and live balanced and beautifully!"

- Dr. Bita

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